Unit 2 Twydale Business Park
Skerne Road
YO25 6JX

Mob: 07761 345611

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi
    I have an apple tree bursting and will never get through them, is it right you like extra and I could get some cider back? Shame to waste them! How does it work?


    • Hi Martin. We would be keen to take your surplus apples. When your apples are ripe (e.g. the pips are completely brown) give us a call on 07761 345611 to arrange a suitable time to drop off the apples at our Cidery at Unit 2, Twydale Business Park, Driffield YO25 6JX. You will received a quarter of the juice produced from your apples back as free cider. Kind regards Marc


  2. 1. Is it true that you’re not accepting any apples this year?

    2. I brought some in last year, but chose to wait till this year to collect any cider. I think I gave you 13kg of apples last time, but I’m sure you have a record of the exact weight. When might it be convenient to pick it up please?
    Thank you.
    Angela Wilkinson


    • Hello Angela,

      Thank you for getting in touch, we have been taking in apples throughout September and early October, unfortunately due to the situation this year with a lack of sales we do not have as much empty storage to make apples in to cider and have already reached our maximum capacity.

      With regard to last year’s apples, you should have received an email inviting you to come and collect your cider, I have an allocation for you, if you would like to call me on 07761 345611 to arrange collection, I’d be happy to hear from you.

      Jodie @ Colemans


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